Our collective work is based on the idea of exchanging and combining artistic expressions. Performance, Puppetry, Music and Video are treated as equals both on stage and in development of our projects. In truly experimental tradition we aim to create new forms, context and discourse in our performances.

RIKE SCHUBERTY – Actress, Puppeteer, Musician

Studied at Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Art.
Freelance since 2002, i.a. at Volksbühne Berlin, Societaetstheater Dresden, Opera Wuppertal, Theatre Basle, Theatre Frankfurt/Main, Grand Théâtre de Genève, State Opera Munich, Theatre Baden-Baden, Teatr Dramatyczny Warsaw, Schauspielhaus Hamburg, collaborating with Tom Kühnel, Harry Fuhrmann, Nicolas Brieger, Suse Wächter, Konrad Kästner, Moritz Sostmann and Marc Sinan just to name a few. Musician with i.a. Contriva. Works for Television and Radio, voice actress, film music. Prices: Heidelberger Theatertage 2009, HAU Berlin 100° – Festival 2010. Rike-Schuberty

SIMON KRAHL – Video Artist

Video Artist with focus on video, performance, installation and sound. Studied Experimental Media and Film Design at UdK, Berlin. Fellowship holder at School of the Arts Institute Chicago. Co-founder of the artist group Transforma. With Transforma and as solo artist numerous collaborations, performances and exhibitions at many major festivals and venues around the world. He is leading workshops and seminars on Audio-Video Performance.

SIMON BAUER – Musician and Composer

Studied double bass at University for Music „Hanns Eisler“, Berlin. Main focus: Linking various arts and music forms and experimental handling of music. Plays with i.a. Hans Unstern, Ian Fisher, The Gothenburg String Theory. He designs and builds string instruments. Musician and composer for theatre and dance: Theater Konstellationen, Bottlefed Ensemble, Reut Shemesh Dance Company, Overhead Project i.a. Co-Author of the Dance piece ‘Maquillage’ by Vincent Bozek. ‘Carnival of the Bodies’ by Overhead Project received the Cologne Dance prize in 2015 and 2017.


RIKE SCHUBERTY WEBSEITE: https://rike-schuberty.de/
RIKE SCHUBERTY TAZ: https://taz/archiv.de
KURZFILM QUADRIGA „HINTER GLAS“: https://vimeo.com/569537639
SIMON KRAHL WEBSEITE: http://transforma.de/
TRANSFORMA WIKIPEDIA: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transforma
SIMON KRAHL TAZ: https://taz.de/!298221/
SIMON BAUER WEBSEITE: http://www.smnbr.xyz/
INSTRUMENTE BAUER: http://www.unsternbauer.net/
MUSIK BAUER @ SOUNDCLOUD: http://www.unsternbauer.net/